Riot Games has finally released the skins of the SKT T1 team, the world champions of League of Legends 2016! Defending the throne as the best pro team in League of Legends.

It is a series of six skins for each player of the team which are available in the game shop for 1350 RP/piece where even the players gave their opinions that Riot tried as much as possible to satisfy them.


  • SKT T1 FAKER (Syndra)

  •  SKT T1 BANG (Jhin)
  • SKT T1 DUKE (Ekko)
  • SKT T1 BLANK (Zac)

  • SKT T1 WOLF (Nami)

  • SKT T1 BENGI (Olaf)

    Riot didn’t forget SKT T1’s coach neither.

  • SKT T1 KKOMA Ward

    Discover in video the process of creating SKT T1 skins:


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