The Mastery system was created in preparation for the Reforged Runes. Before embarking on a larger project, Riot had to make sure that his first trials were relevant and whether his tests really improved the game. The questions Riot wanted to answer, among others, was “Does Focusing Of power at this location is a good strategy? “,” What will happen to the system after several updates? “, And in priority” Will the players love it? “.

Here are four newly revealed runes:

  • A dangerous revelation:

    Here is an example of a mastery reforged in rune:

    Bloodlust : Killing an enemy makes you gain 15% of your missing hit points.

    This mastery is an amplified version of Dangerous Game, a mastery with many assets. It clearly offers more power and reinforces the decisions you want to make. More importantly, not all players will find themselves in the strategy offered by this mastery, and that’s a good thing.

    Bloodlust heals more than Dangerous Game. The runes, in contrast to the old masters, have more power and more individual effects

  • Exploring Basic Runes:

    Some changes are coming. 

    Ruined King’s Tribute:  Every 4 seconds in combat, your next attack deals damage equal to 3% of your maximum PV to the champions and nearby major monsters and makes you equivalent to [20 – 75]% of that amount (Depending on the level). Remote Champions: damage and healing reduced by half.

    The fundamental runes are almost in phase with the desired impact. Two new tools are also being tested: both “short and to the point” and “long and with many details”, both are already available so that they can analyze their impact and have feedback.

  • Adaptive Runes:

    Perfectionist  : When you have more than 80% of your health, you gain + 14% physical damage or 20% Ability power, depending on your level.

Anything labeled as Adaptive adapts to your champion and in-game item build. If a Rune offers Adaptive Attack Damage or Ability Power, it will grant you one or the other based on whichever of Attack Damage or Ability Power you have more of within your items (defaulting to the stat listed first).

  • Negative Runes:

    This is something that Riot hesitated a long time before implanting, because experience has shown that it almost never works in video games: runes having negative effects on you, but offering powerful positive effects.

    On other games, objects having this kind of effect are usually ignored because instinctively the players do not appreciate at all to be “diminished” by an object that they have chosen themselves. Yet Riot will try his luck.

    Magical Footwear: You can not buy boots for the first 10 minutes, but for 10 minutes you get a pair of free boots and they offer you +10 movement speed in addition to all other boot effects.

    Magical Footwear is a perfect example of “rune negative”, no boots for 10 minutes it is a serious handicap, it is spend all the early game without being able to improve its speed of movement what in some match-ups is very disabling. But the player is rewarded for that: free boots and more powerful than those buyable at the shop. So the whole question is whether the game is worth the effort.

  All of these runes are of course subject to change. As such, we are going to be holding some of our harsher takes until we have more definite information. Expect the Runes Reforged system to release at the end of this year, sometime in November.


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