LOL: New Champion, “Kayn”


The short video shows our next champion Kayn. Judging by the tooltips and ability preview, Kayn’s gameplay revolves around battling against the Darkin Rhaast for control and eventually transforming based on who succeeds- one form a Darkin and one a Shadow Assassin.

Discover the look and skills of Kayn, the new League of Legends champion:

General Statistics :

  • PV: 585 (85 / level)
  •  Attack Scope: 175
  • Move speed: 340
  • Attack Damage: 60 (+2.8 / level)
  • Attack speed: 0.669 (+ 2.7% / level)
  • Armor: 29 (+ 3.3 / level)
  • Magic Resistance: 32.1 (+1.25 / level)
  • PV Regeneration / second: 1.6 (+0.15 / level)
  • Mana regeneration / second: 2.4 (+0.3 / level)


Kayn handles an ancient weapon and fights Rhaast, the Darkin it contains, to take control of it. At each part, one will consume the other. Kayn sharpens his skill in casting opponents specialist in remote combat, while Rhaast quenches his thirst for blood by confronting melee enemies. If Kayn emerges victorious from the struggle, he knows an ascension and becomes the murderer of the shadow. If Rhaast prevails, the Darkin consumes his host and occupies the front of the stage.
– Shadow Assassin: Deals additional magic damage during the first few seconds of fighting against other champions.
– Darkin: Returns PV equal to a portion of all damage dealt to champions by spells.


– Shadow Assassin: All damage dealt to opponents inflicts 10% (+ 2% / level) additional magic damage during the first 3 seconds of combat against other champions. 
– Darkin: Returns PV equal to a portion of all damage dealt to champions by spells.

As soon as you choose a shape, you will not be able to return to the other.

            Abilities :

  • Passive: The Darkin Scythe

    Kayn wields an ancient weapon and fights the darkin within it, Rhaast, for control. During each game, one will consume the other. Kayn hones his shadow skills by hunting ranged opponents, while Rhaast fuels his bloodlust by going toe-to-toe with melee enemies. If Kayn wins the struggle, he ascends to become the shadow assassin. If Rhaast is the victor, the darkin consumes his host and takes center stage.
    Shadow Assassin:Deal bonus magic damage during the first few seconds of combat with champions.
    Darkin:Heal for a chunk of all spell damage dealt to champions.

  • Q: Reaping Slash

Kayn dashes forward, striking nearby enemies at the end of the dash. Both the dash and the strike itself deal physical damage. Reaping Slash deals bonus damage to monster


Darkin: This ability deals bonus percent-health damage against all enemies except minions.

  • W: Blade’s Reach

Deal damage in a line that significantly slows all enemies hit.

Shadow AssassinLeaves behind a living shadow that casts Blade’s Reach in Kayn’s stead. The living shadow’s Blade has increased range.

Darkin:Blade’s Reach briefly knocks up struck enemies.

  • E: Shadow Step

Kayn gains a burst of movement speed and the ability to walk through walls for a fe


w moments. When he first enters a wall, he’ll heal for a small amount and the

Shadow Assassin: Gain additional movement speed and immunity to slows when activating Shadow Step.

duration of Shadow Step will be greatly extended. Kayn won’t get the duration extension if he’s in combat with enemy champions.

  • R: Umbral Trespass

Kayn may infest any nearby enemy champion who he has recently damaged. Trespassing into a champion makes Kayn untargetable for a few seconds. Reactivating the ability during this period ends the effect early. Kayn then wrenches himself free from his victim’s body, dealing a burst of damage.

Shadow Assassin: Umbral Trespass can be cast from further away and resets the bonus magic damage from The Darkin Scythe after Kayn’s exits his victim.

Darkin: Umbral Trespass deals extra damage as a percentage of the victim’s maximum health, healing the Darkin in the process.

Gameplay and Tips :

Kayn is a slippery, insatiable nightmare who uses his victims’ bodies as a recreational vehicle. The Shadow Reaper’s ult is horrifying enough, but even scarier is his tendency to emerge, suddenly, from any wall in the Rift.

Kayn’s the only champ in League who can change his class in the middle of a game. If the other team’s squishier champs are carrying, he can focus on attacking ranged opponents to become the shadow assassin. If Kayn’s team needs a tankier frontline, Rhaast is the darkin for the job.

And here is some extra videos about special interactions


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