Overview: We have a pretty balanced deck with Miner and Furnace as the 2 main cores, along with Mini P.E.K.K.A and Musketeer which excel in both offense and defense. Additionally, Guards and Spear Goblins provide cheap but effective means of defense. To make this deck be a cycle-burn tool, I have added the infamous Poison to maximize the effectiveness. Meanwhile, Zap is the standard spell in any decks currently. I personally believe that this is the standard deck for Miner + Furnace combo, adding Princess or Ice Wizard will make it weaker since these cards cannot provide fast pace gaming.

Miner + Furnace Deck Tips

Poison is not only our main source of damage output on Tower, but also a great tool on defending. On offense, try to hit as many units as you can, or to eliminate dangerous threats (e.g. use Poison on both Princess and Arena Tower to eliminate her and deal chip damage on Tower). On defense, it is best to use it for slowing down a Beatdown push such as Giant + Witch.




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