The 4 Omega Squad skins for Tristana, Twitch, Veigar and Fizz have just been leaked on Reddit ! An opportunity for us to tell you a little more about these famous skins!

  Until now Teemo was alone in the Omega Squad. This will change very quickly, as a leak revealed the upcoming Omega Squad skins for Twitch, Fizz, Veigar and Tristana. Moreover, all the Omega Squad skins ( including Teemo ) receive their chromas! The teaser video below presents the main novelties of these skins.

  • So small and so dangerous:

Do not rely on their pretty little boil: the four champions chosen for the Omega Squad will not dampen alongside Urgot’s upcoming redesign . Twitch , Fizz , Veigar and Tristana will all get a very badass Omega Squad skin, and Riot does not do things by halves: they add chroma packs for each skin in passing, that of Teemo is no exception . You will now be adorned to sow destruction on your way, with style!

At the moment, the price of skins is only known for Twitch ( 1350 RP ), but no doubt that the others should cost the same price! In comparison, the skin of Teemo  Omega Squad costs 1820 RP ! These skins will be the opportunity to  enjoy the summer sales and why not, to replay the champions in questions!

  • The upcoming skins (reviews):

– Veigar of the omega section:

Veigar of the omega section

– Twitch of the omega section:

– Fizz of the Omega Section:

For more infos visit:



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