Even if one finds again and always the decks Golem or Hoh Rider, the meta is seen all the same renewed with the appearance of the Bandit in tournaments as in ladder. We propose you a deck with this one, associated with the Pekka, in order to mount your trophies quickly, or to obtain series of victories in Super challenge which will enrich you a little more on the game.

  • Pekka / Bandit Deck:

–  Type of deck: Aggressive – Average Cost: 4.3

–  Goal: Accumulate offensive on both Princess Towers.

  • Advantages:

    The cards that make up this deck are versatile: DPS with the Pekka, the night witch and witch, air support with the Baby Dragon, a situational troop with battle ram, two spells with log and poison, And the elixir extractor to take the advantage from the start of the game.

  • Statistics:

    + An easy-to-take deck.

    + Effective against all type of deck in ladder as in tournament.

    + Allows to compete against several types of deck.

    – Predictable.

    – Repetitive Gameplay.

    – Difficult to increase.

  • How to play the deck:

    First of all, start by putting your elixir collector at the beginning of the game in order to garner an advantage on your opponent and thus multiply the pushes on both sides of the map.

    In attack : Destroy a tower and win 1-0? No, the Pekka would not bear it! This deck is therefore made to multiply the crowns, and you will therefore have to chain the offensives to the right as to the left, and this at the same time! To do this, you have to put your Pekka Below the map (or use it to defend a hog potential for example) then support it with the night witch, or the baby dragon. At the same time, if your elixir allows it, throw your battle ram and your Bandit on the other side than your first push in order to disturb your opponent.

    In defense : Each card has a different utility. Against troop attacking building, the night witch is much preferred associated with the battle ram. Against the air, use your baby dragon wisely, and if necessary your card of poison will be present against the mignons for example. Your Pekka will come to defend the many golems you will meet on your way, and the Bandit will serve DPS such as the Wizard or Musketeer.


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