For most people, LAN is just that obscure gathering that your favorite streamer visits two to three times a year; Some make the effort to follow the broadcast, others just read the results, but most are simply waiting for the end of the event and the resumption of the streams.

While the video game slowly but surely reach the status of major entertainment, the gatherings that are linked to it are also gaining momentum. But what is a LAN first? The acronym  LAN  comes from the term “local area network”. Technically, from the moment you invite a friend with his computer, up to the  Gamers Assembly  and his 2000 players, you form a LAN. The record for a LAN was recorded at the  DreamHack  Jönköping in Sweden, with 17,403 simultaneous connections!

LANs today gather players, but, In order to obtain the huge funding required for such infrastructures, numerous sponsors come to join the event, as well as various and varied exhibitors, forming a myriad of stands where culture geek, computer science, food and influencers mix.

A LAN is not just about where you can go and the activities you can participate in, it makes it possible to find yourself in a gigantic place where everyone, or almost everyone, shares your passion for video games. It is a place that really benefits only by mixing with people: talk to everyone, ask the exhibitors what they are doing there, get this damn autograph from Wakz , play with strangers … it is Before anything else a gathering.


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