The first 2v2 event just ended , and many players are wondering when it will be possible to enjoy it again. Supercell has just answered the question by announcing a ” 2V2 Summer “. Indeed, this mode of play will be available in game during the whole of July . The goal is simple: to test the concept on a large scale to see how the community reacts to this mode of play in order to know the improvements and possible modifications to be made, but also to know if 2v2 should become a mode to integrate the game of Permanent or not.

  Summer of 2v2 summary:

As a reminder, 2v2 is a cooperative game mode where two players, friends or randomly selected, fight together in the arena facing two other players. Before each battle, your ally’s deck appears for a few seconds. If the map is shared between the players, the elixir is managed individually. The 2v2 mode also allows you to collect boxes in case of victory!





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