Supercell , developer of Clash of Clans, created a brand new game: Clash Royale . The game was released in France on March 2, 2016, it is currently in the top ranking downloads of various mobile platforms iOS and Androïd (you can find more information on the official website ).

  • Game Overview:

This game is a free to play card game in the universe of heroic fantasy. A deck consists of eight cards that you can select according to your progress on the game. The universe Clash of Clans is present in the game through different cards ( 48 cards available s the time of writing this article). With your deck, you must defeat your opponent by destroying his base composed of two secondary towers that protect the main tower where the King is located. However, you have a maximum time allowed to win. Here is a presentation image when you arrive on Clash Royale .

  • Great design:

Supercell has worked hard on Clash Royale to offer a speedy gaming premise, and the game doesn’t really have any lags even between the matches. Of course, it takes a couple of matches to understand the cards and the ways they can be implemented in a strategy, all within a span of three minutes.

  • Final verdict:

Clash Royale is addictive for the right reasons, and for three minute games that demand extensive strategy, this one is likely to give players enough reasons to take frequent loo breaks at work!


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