Today, GG-Arena presents the giant double witch deck of the American youtuber Ash, playable in arena 8, and  recommended by QWG, manager of the team Nova eSports.

                                 Type of deck: Aggressive – Average Cost: 4.1

                                 Objective: To make an instoppable push.


                                 + Very efficient, allows to climb high in trophies.

                                 + Heavy push and hard to stop.

                                 – 3 legendary.

                                – Demands good management of the elixir.

                                – Sensitive to hangman and lightning.

    How to play the deck?

At the beginning of the game, your main goal is to create an elixir advantage . For this, play your extractor as often as possible in order to have several at the same time on the map . The deck will reveal its aggressive side in times of double elixir. Before, just pump and defend your tricks. Use this time to identify the opponent’s cards. Your offensive being sensitive to lightning and the executioner, you will have to play it at the moment when your opponent will not be able to counter it with these 2 cards. Once the double elixir period begins, send your giant backed by your two witches and your electro-wizard. Your opponent will be in great difficulty to stop your attack. If he places a hangman, one of the few cards that can be disastrous for you, play lightning + log in order to clear his defense.

The deck has several cards to ensure a good defense during the first part of the game: the witch can be used against cemeteries by placing it slightly away to avoid the poison that often goes with the cemetery Inflicts damage on her. The log will allow you to clear princesses and low-hp creatures such as goblins or skeletons. For larger pushes, use one of your witches as well as your electro-sorcerer .


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